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PRICES unless stated at the beginning of each section are as follows :-

50/1 £6.50    51/2 £6.00    52/3 £5.50    53/4 £5.00    54/5 £4.50    55/6 £4.25    56/7 £3.75

57/8 £3.25    58/9 £3.00    59/60 £2.50    60/1 £2.35    61/2 £2.20    62/3 £1.95    63/4 £1.80

64/5 £1.65   65/6 ->   66/7 £1.50    67/8 £1.30    68/9 £1.20    69/70 ->  72/3 £1.00

73/4 -> 90/1 75p   91/2 -> 93/4 95p    94/5 £1.05   95/6 £1.15   96/7 £1.20  97/8 £1.30

98/9 -> 00/01 £1.40    01/02 -> 19/20 £1.50




ABERDEEN v Berwick 80/1(LC) Billy McNeill Select 85/6(Test) £3.00 Clyde 69/70(SC) Dundee 79/80(Mar) 82/3(Feb)(slcr) 02/03(Mar) 07/08(Mar) Dundee Utd 78/9(Mar) 79/80(Mar) 84/5(Dec) Falkirk 66/7(mkd) Hearts 02/03(Jan) Hibs 86/7(Aug) Meadowbank 78/9(SLC)(fld) Motherwell 61/2(SLC)(cr) 82/3(Oct) Partick Thistle 77/8(Jan) 02/03(Sept) Rangers 72/3 £3.00 Queen of the South 63/4(sof) StMirren 81/2(Dec) 84/5(Mar)   AIRDRIE v Dundee Utd 61/2 79/80(SLC) Dunfermline 75/6(Feb) Hearts 72/3(SLC) £1.00 Raith 60/1 StJohnstone 77/8(Dec)   AIRDRIE UTD v Arbroath 03/04(Sept) Montrose 03/04(BLC) Stenhousemuir 03/04(Oct)  ALBION ROVERS v Airdrie 82/3(SC) Arbroath 81/2(Sept) Brechin 77/8(Oct) Brechin/Forfar 76/7 Celtic 10/11(FR) 16/17(SC) Clydebank 00/01(SLC) Cowdenbeath 75/6 93/4(B&QC) EastStirling 77/8(Sept)(sof) Falkirk 77/8(Dec) Forfar 80/1(Apr) Gala Fairydean 85/6(SC) £2.00 Inverness Clachnacudden 81/2(SC) £2.00 Meadowbank 76/7(SLC) 86/7(Feb) Queens park 74/5(Nov) Rangers 78/9(SLC) Ross County 97/8(Nov) StJohnstone 87/8 Stenhousemuir 74/5(SLC) 77/8(Nov)(Apr) £1.00  ALLOA v Aberdeen 10/11(CISC) Arbroath early 60’s(SLC)(cellmk) £2.50 Dundee 77/8(Apr) Hawick RA 81/2(SC) £2.00 Ross Co 90/1(SC) £2.00 Selkirk 05/06(SC) £1.50 Stirling Albion 90/1(Sept)  ANNAN ATH v Elgin 10/11(Sept) Partick Thistle 10/11(CISC)   ARBROATH v Aberdeen 74/5(sof) 79/80(SC) £1.50 Airdrie 79/80(Nov) Airdrie Utd 03/04(Nov) Albion Rovs 75/6(SprC) £2.00 Alloa 03/04(Nov) Clydebank 76/7(Nov) Dumbarton 75/6(SprC) £2.00 East Fife 03/04(Oct) Falkirk 76/7(Dec) Hearts 79/80(Aug)(slfld) Montrose 89/90(Sept) 93/4(Nov) Queen of the South 80/1(Dec) Stenhousemuir 87/8(Jan)(cr) 03/04(Dec)   AYR UTD v Alloa 83/4(Oct) Celtic 77/8(Aug)(Dec)(slfld) Clyde 03/04(Nov) Clydebank 97/8(LCC) Dumbarton 78/9(Sept) East Fife 62/3 Hibernian 75/6(Nov)(Mar) Kilmarnock 90/1(Lge Jan)(AC Final) Montrose 61/2 Morton 63/4 Motherwell 77/8(Nov) Ross Co 03/04(Nov) Stirling Alb 78/9(Dec) Stranraer 64/5 65/6 StMirren 76/7(SLC)  BERWICK RANGERS v Airdrie Utd 03/04(Sept) Albion Rovs 65/6(SC)(slmk) 77/8(Oct) Alloa 90/1(Sept) East Fife 03/04(Jan) Elgin 10/11(Apr) Hamilton 11/12(FR) Hearts/Dunfermline/Hamilton 12/13(FRs) Hibernian 11/12(FR) Montrose 13/14(Nov) Queen of the South 92/3(Feb) Rangers 12/13(Feb) Stenhousemuir 64/5 Wick Academy 12/13(SC) £2.00  BRECHIN CITY v Albion Rovs 79/80(Oct) 80/1(Feb) Alloa 80/1(Dec) Ayr 03/04(Nov) Berwick Rangers 77/8(Oct) Cowdenbeath 80/1(Nov) Falkirk 03/04(Dec) Inverness Caley 88/9(SC) £2.50 Inverness CT 03/04(Sept) Montrose 89/90(SC) Queens Park 79/80(Nov) Raith 03/04(Aug) StJohnstone 03/04(Nov)  CALEDONIAN THISTLE v Albi0on Rovers 94/5(Nov) £3.00 Cowdenbeath 95/6  CELTIC v Aberdeen 72/3(Dryborough Cup S-F) £4.00 83/4(Mar) 97/8(Sept) 07/08(Apr) Ayr 76/7(Dec) 12/13(Mar) Dundee 72/3 75/6(Jan) 99/00(CIS) 12/13(Feb) Dundee Utd 99/00(Dec) 07/08(Sept) Dunfermline 71/2 98/9(Dec)(SC) East Fife 71/2 Fixture Guide Booklet 01/02 Hamilton 10/11(Oct) Hearts 06/07(Nov) 12/13(Oct)(Jan) Hibernian 72/3 10/11(Sept)(Apr) 12/13(apr) Inverness CT 10/11(Sept) 13/14(Aug) Kilmarnock 64/5(SLC) 71/2 10/11(Dec) 12/13(Oct)(Jan) Livingston 01/02(Apr) Motherwell 13/14(Oct) Partick Thistle 71/2 Rangers 97/8(Nov) 10/11(Oct) StJohnstone 10/11(Dec) 12/13(Nov)(SLC) StMirren 10/11(Aug)  CLYDE v Airdrie 04/05(Sept)(Jan) Annan 10/11(Sept) Ayr 03/04(Dec) Clydebank 75/6(SprC) £1.50 Dunfermline 68/9(SLC) East Fife 71/2 Falkirk 04/05(Lge Dec)(SC) Hamilton 04/05(Nov) Partick Thistle 89/90(Jan) Queen of the South 04/05(Mar) Raith 03/04(Dec) Rangers 68/9(ph) £2.50 83/4(Lge Sept)(Glasgow Cup S-F) £1.50 10/11(FR) Ross County 04/05(Feb) StMirren 04/05(Sep)  CLYDEBANK v Aberdeen 77/8(Dec) 85/6(Dec) £1.50 Ayr 77/8(Dec)(Apr) Partick Thistle 77/8(Jan) StMirren 77/8(Mar)  COWDENBEATH v Clyde 70/1 Dundee 83/4(SC) £1.00 Kilmarnock 70/1 Queens Park 71/2 £2.00 Stenhousemuir 71/2 Vale of Leithen 83/4(SC) £2.00  DUMBARTON v Alloa 03/04(Nov) Forfar 03/04(Dec) Kilmarnock 75/6(SC)(cr) £1.00 Partick Thistle 70/1 (SLC)(wof) StJohnstone 77/8(Oct)(Feb) 79/80(Apr)  DUNDEE v Celtic 81/2(Oct) 93/4(Dec) Dundee Utd 63/4 65/6(Forfarshire Cup) £3.00 71/2 95/6(Jan) Dunfermline 63/4(SLC) Hearts 70/1 Hibs 67/8 89/90 Inverness CT 12/13(Oct) Kilmarnock 70/1 77/8(Oct) Rangers 90/1(FR) StJohnstone 69/70(LC)(slcr) 71/2  DUNDEE UTD v 70/1 Ayr Utd 71/2 Celtic 68/9 88/9(LC)(slcr) 91/2(Dec) Clyde 69/70 Dundee 83/4(Apr)(vcr) 90/1(SC) Dunfermline 64/5(fld sml tr) Hearts 84/5(SC) Hibs 89/90(Nov) Motherwell 80/1(SC) Partick Thistle 74/5(Mar) Rangers 91/2(Test) 92/3(Feb)  DUNFERMLINE ATH v Aberdeen 61/2(cr) Brechin 77/8(Jan) Celtic 97/8(Nov) 98/9(May) Cowdenbeath 78/9(Jan) Dumbarton 93/4(Oct) Dundee 80/1(Aug) 87/8(Mar) Dundee Utd 97/8(Oct) 98/9(Nov)(Apr) East Stirling 83/4(Oct) Edinburgh City 97/8(SC) £2.00 Falkirk 80/1(Feb) Hearts 81/2(Aug) 98/9(Sept) Hibs 96/7(Dec) Kilmarnock 97/8(Jan) 98/9(Nov) Meadowbank 94/5(CCC) Motherwell 98/9(Dec)(May) Raith 94/5(Aug) Rangers 68/9(fld) £2.00 77/8(SLC) £1.00 91/2(Mar) 92/3(FR)  98/9(Feb) StJohnstone 97/8(Jan)  EAST FIFE v Airdrie 65/6 Brechin 11/12(Feb) Falkirk 72/3(Jan)(cr) Forfar 85/6(Sept) 92/3(Aug) Hearts 78/9(Test) £2.00 03/04(FR) £2.00 Kilmarnock 86/7(Dec) 87/8(Dec) Queens Park 89/90(SLC) Raith Rovers 87/8(Jan)  EAST STIRLINGLINGSHIRE v Meadowbank 79/80(Feb) £1.50  Stenhousemuir 82/3(Nov)    ELGIN CITY v Annan Ath 11/12(Apr) Livingston 10/11(SC) 13/14(SLC) Rangers 12/13(Mar) £2.00 StCuthbert Wanderers 12/13(SC)  FALKIRK  v Alloa 93/4(B&QC) Clyde 90/1(Mar) Cowdenbeath 93/4(B&QC) Dunde Utd 94/5(Res) Hearts 94/5(Oct) Hibs 92/3(Aug) Partic Thistle 10/11(SC) Rangers 91/2(Sept) Stenhousemuir 70s(31/12) £1.00   FORFAR ATH v Albion 79/80(Aug) Alloa 03/04(Dec) Arbroath 83/4(Aug) Buckie Thistle 11/12(RC) Cowdenbeath 82/3(Dec) Dumbarton 03/04(Jan) East Stirling 83/4(Sept) Rangers 78/9(SLC) £1.00 Stenhousemuir 81/2(Oct) 83/4(Sept)  Stranraer 83/4(Sept) 01/02(Dec) Stranraer/Morton 92/3(Lge/B&QC)  GRETNA v Cowdenbeath 03/04(Apr) £2.00 Elgin City 03/04(Mar) £2.00  HAMILTON ACCIES v Dundee 05/06(Aug) Dunfermline 79/80(Mar) Hearts/Rangers 92/3(FR’s) Stranraer 74/5  HEART OF MIDLOTHIAN v Aberdeen 80/1(Jan) 81/25(Aug) Airdrie 80/1(Jan)  Ayr Utd 56/7 £5.00 Celtic 61/2 £3.50 67/8 £2.00 75/6(SLC) 80/1(Sept) 88/9(Oct) 12/13(Nov) Clyde 60/1(SLC) Dundee 57/8 £4.50 67/8  Dundee Utd 80/1(Nov) 01/02(Sept)  Dunfermline 97/8(Oct) Falkirk 61/2 92/3(Mar)(auto on front) Hibernian 63/4(SC)(ph) £2.50 75/6(Mar) 93/4(Aug) Kilmarnock 61/2 94/5(Sept) Morton 87/8(Oct) Motherwell 67/8(SLC)(Stnd tty) 50p Partick Thistle 61/2 80/1(Oct) Raith Rovers 67/8(stnd tty) 50p Rangers 58/9 £5.00 68/9(ph) £2.00 14/15(may)(Champs Spec issue) £3.00 StJohnstone 63/4 71/2 81/2(Oct) StMirren 61/2(SLC) 66/7 80/1(Nov)  HIBERNIAN v Aberdeen 67/8 71/2 72/3 Airdrie 91/2(SC) Alloa 93/4(SLC) Ayr Utd 66/7(stnd tty) 50p 70’s(Apr) Celtic 09/10(Aug) Clyde 65/6 67/8 Clydebank 78/9(SLC) Dundee 79/80(Aug) 93/4(Aug) Dundee Utd 78/9(Oct) 85/6(Feb) 93/4(Oct) 05/06(Mar) Dunfermline 94/5(CCC)02/03(Sept) East Fife 71/2 Falkirk 86/7(Mar) Hearts 66/7(slcr)  Inverness CT 05/06(Mar) Irvine Meadow 09/10(SC) £2.00 Kilmarnock 04/05(Jan) Montrose 75/6(SLC)(slcr) Motherwell 88/9(Dec) 91/2(Oct)(slcr) Partick Thistle 72/3 93/4(Aug) Raith 92/3(SLC) Rangers 60/1 £3.00 67/8(cr) 68/9(ph) £2.00 72/3(DC S-F) £2.50 82/3(SLC) 86/7(Aug)(tty) 94/5(Mar) StJohnstone 60/1 68/9 74/5  INVERNESS CALEDONIAN THISTLE v ICT Magazine Mar 2014(incl Lge cup final pics and review) £1.50 Celtic 11/12(Nov)(slcr) Partick Thistle 13/14(Mar)   KILMARNOCK v Aberdeen 67/8 Dunfermline 65/6(SLC) Hearts 94/5(Nov)(slmk) Morton 74/5 78/9(SLC) Partick Thistle 93/4(Feb) Rangers 04/05(Dec) 05/06(Dec)  LIVINGSTON v Alloa 10/11(Aug) Dundee 12/13(SC) Dunfermline/Hibs/InvernessCT 11/12(FR’s) Partick Thistle 12/13(Jan) Rangers 04/05(Nov)  MEADOWBANK v Airdrie 88/9(Feb)(slrs) Albion Rovers 80/1(Apr) £1.00 Ayr Utd 86/7(SC) £1.00 Berwick Rangers 76/7(Aug) £2.00 Brechin City 76/7(Aug) £2.00 Clyde 88/9(Mar) Dundee 86/7(SC) £1.00 East Fife 80/1(Apr) £1.00 East Stirling 76/7(Dec) £2.00 Hamilton Acads 87/8(Sept) Morton 94/5(Aug) StJohnstone 89/90(Sept) £1.00 Stirling Alb 76/7(Nov) £2.00 85/6(Feb) 94/5(Sept)  MONTROSE v Brechin 71/2 £2.00 Meadowbank 79/80(Aug) Queens Park 79/80(Sept)(fld) Rangers 76/7(SLC) £3.00  MORTON v Aberdeen 80/1(Dec)(Apr) Airdrie Utd 03/04(BCC) Arbroath 77/8(Dec) Ayr 62/3(fld) 73/4(LC) Celtic 80/1(Feb) Clyde 64/5(SLC) £3.00 Clydebank 80/1(SC) Dumbarton 73/4(SLC) Dundee 79/80(Mar) Dundee Utd 78/9(Mar) Forfar 03/04(Nov) Hearts 77/8(Feb) 80/1(Mar) Hibs 78/9(Dec) Kilmarnock 88/9(Mar) 94/5(SC) Motherwell 78/9(Oct)(Mar) Partick Thistle 63/4(Sum)(rs mkd) £2.50 64/5(slcr) 78/9(Oct) Queen of the South 79/80(SLC) Raith 83/4(Dec) StJohnstone 62/3 Stewart Test Brochure 1980 30p Turriff Utd/Airdrie Utd(SC/Lge) £2.00   MOTHERWELL v Hamilton Acads 81/2(Sept)  Hibernian 92/3(Aug) Rangers 88/9(Sept)  PARTICK THISTLE v Ayr 82/3(Mar) Berwick 00/01(Dec) Celtic 72/3(cr) £2.00 Dumbarton 72/3(Sept)(fld) 74/5(Oct)(fld) Dundee Utd 79/80(April) Falkirk 04/05(Dec) Forfar 00/01(Sept)(Feb) Morton 81/2(Apr) Queens Park 00/01(Nov) Raith 82/3(Feb) 04/05(Oct) Rangers 68/9(ph) £2.50 79/80(May(fld) StJohnstone 93/4(Feb) 04/05(Dec) StMirren 04/05(Nov)  PETERHEAD v Elgin/Annan/Cowdenbeath 18/19(Mar)  QUEEN OF THE SOUTH v Dumbarton 81/2(Sept) East Stirling 91/2(Oct) East Fife 94/5(Sept) Inverness CT 03/04(Feb) Kilnockie 99/00(FR) Raith 03/04(Sept) Stenhousemuir 91/2(Sept)(vcr)  QUEENS PARK v Berwick Rangers 77/8 (Oct) Buckie Thistle 85/6(SC) £2.00 Dundee 12/13(SLC) East Stirling 71/2(SLC) £1.50 Elgin 06/07(Oct) Hibs 07/08(CISC) Montrose 09/10(Apr) Rangers 85/6(Glasgow Cup S-F) £2.00 StMirren 85/6(FR) £2.00 Stenhousemuir 74/5(Nov)  RAITH ROVS v Clyde 75/6(SprC) £1.50 03/04(Oct) Dumbarton 75/6(SprC) £1.50 Dunfermline 85/6(Nov) Falkirk 03/04(Jan) StMirren 03/04(Dec)  RANGERS v Aberdeen 66/7(fld) 69/70(sof) 70/1(Lge)(cr)(SC) 71/2 05/06(Nov)(Apr) Airdrie 68/9(SC)(sof) £2.00 69/70 70/1(nof) Arbroath 89/90(SC) Ayr 69/70(sof)  Berwick Rangers 01/02(SC) Celtic 69/70(SLC)(sof slcr) £2.00 74/5(Apr) £2.00 75/6(Aug) £1.50 80/1(Apr) 92/3(Jan)(slfld) 93/4(Apr)(cr) 98/9(Sept)(fld) 05/06(Feb) 07/08(Mar) 08/09(May)  Clyde 68/9(sof) 69/70(sof) 70/1(cr mkd)  Clydebank 88/9(LC)  Cowdenbeath 70/1 £2.00  Dumbarton 93/4(SC)(LC) 89/90(Sept)(Jan)(slcr sl wof) Dundee 69/70(sof)  70/1 81/2(SLC)  Dundee Utd 67/8(SLC)(sof) 69/70(sof) £2.00 75/6(May) 90/1(Nov) 91/2(Sept) 05/06(Dec) Dunfermline 62/3(sof) £4.00 66/7(fld) 69/70(sof) 03/04(Sept) East Fife 61/2(SLC)(sml tr gr sof) East Stirling 90/1(SLC) Falkirk 62/3(sof) £4.00 70/1(SC) 71/2(SC) 72/3 05/06(Dec) 06/07(Sept) Hamilton 64/5(SC) £3.00 10/11(Jan) Hearts 65/6(SLC)(fld) 68/9(SC) £2.00 70/1 71/2 90/1(Dec) 92/3(Sept) 03/04(Dec) 10/11(Feb) Hibernian 61/2(cr gr sof) 67/8(slfld) 68/9(SC)(sof)  69/70(Lge)(sof) (SC)(sof) 70/1(SLC) 74/5(SLC) 88/9(Aug)(Dec) 89/90(Mar) 93/4(SC) 03/04(Aug) 05/06(Feb) 14/15(P/Off S-F) Kilmarnock 62/3 £4.00 69/70(sof) 70/1(slgr) 78/9(SC) 90/1(SLC) Meadowbank 77/8(Sept)(wof) Morton 69/70 70/1(SLC)(nof) 71/2(SLC) Motherwell 69/70 70/1(Lge)(slcr)(SLC)(cr) 71/2(Lge)(SC) 78/9(SC) 90/1(Sept) 91/2(Aug) 98/9(Mar) 03/04(Jan)  Partick Thistle 69/70(sof) 71/2 78/9(Jan) 79/80(Mar) 95/6(Apr) 03/04(Nov) Raith 62/3 £4.00 68/9(sof) 69/70(SLC)(sof) 96/7(Aug)(slfld) StJohnstone 70/1 89/90(SC) 91/2(Aug) 92/3(Aug) 03/04(CIS) 10/11(Feb) StMirren 68/9(sof) 69/70(sof) 70/1 85/6(Sept)(Jan) 89/90 Stirling Alb 12/13(Mar)  RANGERS RES v Celtic Res 05/06  ROSS COUNTY v Brechin 03/04(Dec) Clyde 01/02(Mar) 05/06(Aug) Cowdenbeath 96/7(Nov) Dundee 08/09(Aug) 10/11(Nov) East Stirling 98/9(Feb) Elgin 07/08(CISC)(slcr) Falkirk 97/8(CCC)(slfld) 02/03(Jan) Inverness CT 03/04(Jan)  ST JOHNSTONE v Aberdeen 69/70(slcr slmkd) 83/4(SLC) Arbroath 60s(4/4) £1.50 Celtic 91/2(Dec) Clyde 03/04(Nov) Clydebank 84/5(Res) Dundee Utd 01/02(U21s) Falkirk 76/7(Sept) Hibernian 93/4(Jan) Kilmarnock 69/70(SLC)(fld) Rangers 68/9(ph) £2.50 93/4(Dec) StMirre 63/4(rs)  ST.MIRREN v Ayr Utd 76/7(Aug) Berwick 78/9(SLC) Celtic 64/5(nof) 77/8(Lge Apr)(SLC) 78/9(May) Clydebank 98/9(Nov) Dundee Utd 77/8(Mar) Falkirk 61/2 Hearts 87/8(Aug) Morton 79/80(Jan) 82/3(Oct)  Rangers 68/9(ph) £2.50 StJohnstone 61/2 Stenhousemuir 79/80(SLC) Stirling Alb 65/6  STENHOUSEMUIR v Berwick Rangers 86/7(SC)(slmk) Cowdenbeath 93/4(Aug)(slfld) Dundee 10/11(FR) Gretna 04/05(Oct) Inverness CT 99/00(CISC) Rangers 13/14(Dec) £2.50 Stranraer 85/6(Oct) Threave 10/11(SC) Whitehill Welfare 84/5(SC) £2.00  STENHOUSEMUIR YOUTH v Aberdeen Yth 97/8 £1.50  STIRLING ALBION v Alloa 63/4 Ayr Utd 92/3(May) Dundee 66/7(stnd tty) 50p Dunfermline Ath 58/9(cr) East Fife 99/00(SC) East Stirling 60/1(sof) East Fife 60/1 Kilmarnock 67/8 Queens Park 65/6 Raith 65/6 Stenhousemuir 89/90(Apr) 90/1(SC)   STIRLING ALBION RESERVES v East Fife Res 78/9 £1.00  STRANRAER v Alloa 75/6(Jan)