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Football League Reviews

Where a team photo is included, team is shown after the review number.


1965/66  SOCCER REVIEW   £1.00 each (With team of the week inc b/w pic for team shown)   No. 2(Wolves) £2.00 3(Sheff Utd)(nof) £2.00 10(Manchester Utd) £2.00 14(Bradford City) 19(Blackpool) 28 32(Leicester)

1966/67  Vol 1. £1.00 each  (With Clubcall feature on team shown, incl b/w Pic) No. 18(Aston Villa) 23(Preston) 28(WBA) 30(Portsmouth) 31(Tottenham)

1967/68  Vol 2.  50p each.   No.  3(QPR)(mkd) 4(Newcastle) 7(Rotherham & Aston Villa) 8(Halifax/Nottm Forest) 12(Bolton/Arsenal) 18(Stoke City) 19(Charlton) 22(Preston)  24(Leicester) 27(Barnsley) 28(Chelsea) 32(Swansea) 35(Hartlepool) 36(Carlisle/Watford) 37(Brentford Stockport & Luton)


1968/69  Vol 3.  50p each.   No.  1(Man City) 2(Ipswich) 3(Oxford Utd) 4(Luton) 6(Sheff Weds) 7(West Brom Alb) 8(Chesterfield) 9(Plymouth)(fld) 10(Liverpool) 12(Doncaster) 14(Leicester) 16(Sheff Utd) 17(Peterborough) 22(Walsall) 23(Hartlepool)(slfld) 25(Barnsley) 27(Blackpool) 28(Bradford City/Burnley) 29(Stoke/Bradford PA) 32(West Ham) 34(Torquay)  35(Chester) 36(Derby) 37(Birmingham) 38(Norwich) 39(Leeds/Reading)


1969/70  Vol 4.  50p each.   No.  40B(Crystal Palace/England) 40D(Shrewsbury) 401(Newcastle) 402(Derby) 405(Doncaster) 408(Portsmouth) 409(Brighton) 410(Bristol Rovers)  412(Workington) 413(Bury) 414(Bournemouth) 415(Bristol City) 416(Blackburn) 417(Mansfield) 419(Nottm Forest) 427(Barrow) 428(Colchester & Orient) 430 431 432(Luton/Carlisle)(slfld) 433(Stoke) 435(Newport/Cardiff)  Un-No’d(Blackpool)


1970/71  Vol 5  50p each.   No.  50A 50B(Ipswich) 501(Orient) 502(Huddersfield) 503(Crewe) 504(Charlton) 505(Cambridge Utd) 506(Derby) 508(Wolves) 509(Tottenham) 511(Man Utd) 514(Fulham)(cr) 518(Oxford) 522(Notts County) 523(West Ham Utd)(cr) 526(Blackpool) 527(Torquay) 533(Birmingham) 534(Stoke) 536(Burnley)


1971/72  Vol 6.  50p each.   No.  60A(Arsenal) 60B(Derby) 601(Leicester) 606(WBA) 607(Middlesbrough) 608(Chesterfield) 609(Norwich) 613(Colchester) 614(Southampton) 616(Wolves) 618(Man City) 625(Blackburn/Everton) 630(Chelsea/Stoke) 633(Bradford City) 634(Newport County) 635(York) 636(Portsmouth)


1972/73  Vol 7.  50p each.   No.  70A(Sunderland) 702(Aston Villa) 703(Norwich) 704(Grimsby) 705(Burnley) 707(Newcastle) 708(Luton) 709(Birmingham) 710(Man Utd) 711(Workington) 712(Stoke/Rotherham) 715(Blackpool/Darlington) 716(Tottenham/Rochdale) 718(Preston) 719(West Ham/Doncaster) 720(Aldershot) 723(Bolton) 724(Crystal Palace) 726(QPR) 729(Oxford) 731(Ipswich) 732(Man Ut) 733(Swindon/Lincoln) 734(Coventry/ Southport) 736(Chester) 737(Tottenham)


1973/74  Vol 8.  50p each.   No.  80A(Millwall) 802(Bolton) 803(Burnley) 804(Notts County) 805(Man Utd) 809(Derby)(slcr) 810(Nottm Forest) 811(Leicester/Grimsby) 812(Preston) 819(WBA/Everton) 826(Wrexham) 831(Burnley/Chelsea) 832(Port Vale) Un-No(Reading/Crystal Palace)


1974/75 Vol 9.  £1.00 each.   No.  901(Peterborough) 902(Bournemouth) 903(Luton) 904(Newcastle) 905(Sheff Weds) 906(Liverpool)

NATIONWIDE REVIEW  1996/97 VOL 1  50p each.  No.  1 3 4  7 9


NATIONWIDE REVIEW  1997/98 VOL 2  50p each.  N0.  1 2 3 5 6 9 10 11 12 13 14 18 19 22 23 24