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Football League Reviews

Where a team photo is included, team is shown after the review number.


1965/66  SOCCER REVIEW   £1.00 each (With team of the week inc b/w pic for team shown)   No 1 Aug 21-27 £3.00

1966/67  Vol 1. £1.00 each  (With Clubcall feature on team shown, incl b/w Pic) 7(Grimsby) 10(Bristol Rovers) 13(Torquay) 15(Oxford Utd) 17(Southport) 18(Aston Villa) 20(Ipswich Town) 23(Preston) 25(Hull) 26(Aldershot)(slmk) 28(WBA) 30(Portsmouth) 31(Tottenham) 32(Sunderland) 35(Chelsea) 36(Reading) 37(Bolton) 38(Leeds)


1967/68  Vol 2.  50p each.   No.  2(Coventry) 3(QPR) 4(Newcastle) 6(Wrexham/Liverpool) 7(Rotherham & Aston Villa) 8(Halifax/Nottm Forest) 10(Sheff & Sheff Weds) 11(Ipswich/Blackpool) 12(Bolton/Arsenal)(cr) 13(Wolves/Sunderland) 14(Southampton/Doncaster) 15(Millwall) 16(Grimsby/Fulham) 18(Stoke) 19(Charlton) 20(Middlesbrough) 21(Leeds) 22(Preston) 25(Oldham) 26(Everton) 27(Barnsley) 28(Chelsea) 29(Burnley) 30(Tranmere)(fld) 31(Reading) 32(Swansea) 33(Hull) 34(Derby) 35(Hartlepool) 36(Carlisle/Watford) 37(Brentford Stockport & Luton)


1968/69  Vol 3.  50p each.   No.  1(Man City) 2(Ipswich) 3(Oxford Utd) 4(Luton) 5(Cardiff City) 6(Sheff Weds) 7(West Brom Alb) 8(Chesterfield) 9(Plymouth) 10(Liverpool) 11(Man Utd) 12(Doncaster) 14(Leicester) 15(Nottm Forest) 16(Sheff Utd) 17(Peterborough) 18(QPR) 19(Northampton) 20(Southampton) 21(Leeds) 22(Walsall) 23(Hartlepool) 24(Blackburn) 25(Barnsley) 26(Carlisle) 27(Blackpool) 28(Bradford City/Burnley) 29(Stoke/Bradford PA) 30(York) 31(Exeter) 32(West Ham) 34(Torquay)  35(Chester) 36(Derby) 37(Birmingham) 38(Norwich) 39(Leeds/Reading)


1969/70  Vol 4.  50p each.   No.  40A(Man City) 40B(Crystal Palace/England) 40D(Shrewsbury) 401(Newcastle) 402(Derby) 403(Leeds) 404(Watford) 405(Doncaster) 406(Huddersfield) 407(Notts County) 408(Portsmouth) 409(Brighton) 410(Bristol Rovers) 411(Sunderland) 412(Workington) 413(Bury) 414(Bournemouth) 415(Bristol City) 416(Blackburn) 417(Mansfield) 418(Hull) 419(Nottm Forest) 424(Fulham) 425(Sheff Utd) 426(Man Utd) 427(Barrow) 428(Colchester & Orient) 430 431 432(Luton/Carlisle) 433(Stoke) 435(Newport/Cardiff)  Un-No’d(Blackpool)


1970/71  Vol 5  50p each.   No.  50A 50B(Ipswich) 501(Orient) 502(Huddersfield) 503(Crewe) 504(Charlton) 505(Cambridge Utd) 506(Derby) 507(Tranmere) 508(Wolves) 509(Tottenham) 510(Lincoln/Ajax) 511(Man Utd)(fld) 512(Chelsea)(fld) 512(Chelsea)(slcr) 513(Feyenoord/Chester) 515(Barrow) 516(Southport)(fld) 518(Oxford) 519(Everton) 520(Exeter) 522(Notts County) 523(West Ham)(cr) 525(Coventry) 526(Blackpool) 527(Torquay) 528(Oldham)(slcr) 529(Tottenham/Aston Villa)(cr) 530(Millwall/Swindon) 531(Plymouth) 532(Crystal Palace) 533(Birmingham) 534(Stoke) 535(Aldershot) 537(Arsenal)


1971/72  Vol 6.  50p each.   No.  60A(Arsenal) 60B(Derby) 601(Leicester) 602(Preston) 604(Newcastle) 605(Wrexham) 606(WBA) 607(Middlesbrough) 608(Chesterfield) 609(Norwich) 610(Gillingham) 612(Man Utd) 613(Colchester) 614(Southampton) 615(Leeds) 616(Wolves) 618(Man City) 619(Walsall/Peterborough) 621(Crystal Palace/Swansea) 622(Stockport) 625(Blackburn/Everton) 626(Reading) 628(Huddersfield)(slcr) 629(Carlisle) 631(Halifax) 632(Nottm Forest) 633(Bradford City) 635(York) 636(Portsmouth) 637(Birmingham) 638(Stoke)


1972/73  Vol 7.  50p each.   No.  70A(Sunderland) 70B(Sunderland/ Sheff Weds) 701(Grimsby) 702(Aston Villa) 703(Norwich) 704(Grimsby) 705(Burnley) 706(Hereford) 707(Newcastle) 708(Luton) 709(Birmingham) 710(Man Utd) 711(Workington) 712(Stoke/Rotherham) 713(Chelsea) 714(Leeds/Nottm Forest) 715(Blackpool/Darlington)(slcr) 716(Tottenham/Rochdale) 717(Everton/Hartlepool)(slcr) 718(Preston) 719(West Ham/Doncaster)(slcr) 720(Aldershot) 721(Oldham/Fulham)(fld) 722(Cardiff) 723(Bolton) 724(Crystal Palace) 726(QPR) 727(Stockport) 728(Middlesbrough/Shrewsbury) 729(Oxford) 730(Norwich) 731(Ipswich) 732(Man Utd) 733(Swindon/Lincoln) 734(Coventry/ Southport) 735(Blackburn) 736(Chester) 737(Tottenham)(slcr) 738(Plymouth/Exeter)(slcr)


1973/74  Vol 8.  50p each.   No.  80A(Millwall) 80B(Middlesbrough) 801(Southport) 802(Bolton) 803(Burnley) 804(Notts County) 805(Man Utd) 806(Southampton) 808(Sheff Weds) 809(Derby) 810(Nottm Forest) 811(Leicester City Grimsby) 812(Preston) 813(Sheff Utd/Brighton) 815(Tottenham) 817(Bristol City) 818(Crewe) 819(WBA/Everton) 820(Bristol Rovers) 821(Coventry) 825(Halifax) 826(Wrexham) 827(Man City) 828(Arsenal) 830(Orient) 831(Burnley/Chelsea) 832(Port Vale) 833(Blackpool) 834(Tranmere) 835(Gillingham) Un-No(Reading/Crystal Palace)


1974/75 Vol 9.  £1.00 each.   No.  901(Peterborough) 902(Bournemouth) 903(Luton) 904(Newcastle) 905(Sheff Weds) 906(Liverpool) 907(Watford) 908(Man Utd/Adershot) 910(Charlton/Walsall) 913(Sheff Utd/Grimsby) 916(Middlesbrough/Wrexham) 918(Leicester)


NATIONWIDE REVIEW  1996/97 VOL 1  50p each.  No.  1 £1.00  2 3 4 7 9


NATIONWIDE REVIEW  1997/98 VOL 2  50p each.  N0.  1 2 3 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 16 18 19 22 24